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    VIN DIESEL tearfully accepts BEST ON SCREEN DUO award

    Last night at the MTV Movie Awards, Vin Diesel and the late Paul Walker won Best On Screen Duo for Fast and Furious 6.

    Vin could not be at the award ceremony as he is on set in Dubai filming Fast and Furious 7 so he recorded this speech that was posted on his Facebook page, accepting the award on behalf of himself and his fallen brother.

    "I wish he could be here to see this, but I know he’s here in spirit. Thank you for honoring me and more importantly, thank you for honoring that angel.”

                       — Vin Diesel (x)

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    WHY DO I WATCH THIS FUCKING SHOW??? // ballads for evenings spent crying at your laptop screen, for poor writing and fridged females, for that one goddamn show you just can’t shake [listen]

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    Alessandro Puccinelli - Mare #5, 2011

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